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Our Experts


Luo Pengfei (罗鹏飞)


Professor Luo Pengfei (罗鹏飞)

  • Chief Specialist of Micro Invasive Interventional Therapy
  • Beneficiary,  Special Government Allowance from State Department
  • Consultation Expert, General Office of Central Committee Chinese Communist Party
  • Council Member, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
  • Director, China Anti-Cancer Association (Tumour Imageology Intervention Therapy)
  • Group Leader, Guangdong Province Intervenient Therapeutics Group
  • Professor and Master Supervisor, Sun Yat-sen University


Wu Xingjie (武兴杰)



Profesor Wu Xingjie (武兴杰)

  • Director of the Center for Intervention of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical First Hospital
  • Standing Committee of the Interventional Physician Branch of Guangdong Medical Association
  • Standing Committee of Guangzhou Anti-Cancer Association (Provincial) Intervention Committee




Peng Qirong (彭齐荣)



Professor Peng Qirong (彭齐荣)

  • Chief Physician, Minimally Invasive Treatment Center of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Third Hospital
  • Expert of South China Cancer Research Collaboration Group
  • Member of Guangdong Provincial Cancer Radiation Therapy Committee